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Corporation Tax

About Corporation Tax: 

You must pay Corporation Tax on profits from doing business as:

• a limited company

• any foreign company with a UK branch or office

Every Limited Company should submit a Company Tax Return (CT600) and Company Statutory Accounts to Customs and the HM Revenue. Asking for advice from a qualified accountant is the best way to help reduce corporation tax for your business.

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You don’t get a bill for Corporation Tax. There are specific things you must do to work out, pay and report your tax.

1. Register for Corporation Tax when you start doing business or restart a dormant business. Unincorporated associations must write to HMRC.

2. Keep accounting records and prepare a Company Tax Return to work out how much Corporation Tax to pay.

3. Pay Corporation Tax or report if you have nothing to pay by your deadline.

4. File your Company Tax Return by your deadline.

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